Easy to use, easy to read timer-alarm. LARGE numbers and display. Clean interface.

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Counts up, counts down. Three alarm sounds. You can set the number of divisions of the red timer bar.

Cooking eggs for breakfast working out, practicing the piano? ... use zipTimer!

Only $0.99. Available now on the App Store ®. Requires: iOS 5


Having trouble doing housework? (I do:-) Set zipTimer for ten minutes and race the clock to see how much you can get done. You will be amazed, and much happier. A good antidote for any subject of procrastination:-)

Use divisions to pace yourself, to vary what you are doing. E.g., First third, warm up, second third, go like crazy, last third, cool down.

Need to get in shape? Get up from your desk or the sofa; put zipTimer to three minutes. Exercise! Do this several times a day.


Settings: touch the "i" button, lower right corner for the settings.

Use "Never sleep" mode to keep display on. Convenient, but draws on the battery more.